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Everything you need to know for the Kickoff to the Start-up Masterclass

Not too long ago, we made our selections of several outstanding, passionate entrepreneurs for the Start-up Masterclass. The program was kicked off with a great networking and introduction event in Ghent. What did these enthusiastic startup founders hope to get out of the program? And what were they going to do with the knowledge and connections they would make here? To understand them better, we sat down with two of them at the kickoff event. Let’s see what they had to say!

Why this one entrepreneur decided to sign up for the Start-up Survival Masterclass

More than 20 aspiring entrepreneurs have already signed up to join the Start-up Survival Class. But not just anyone will make the cut. One of the lucky few so far is Audry Vanderstraeten from the young firm Digital Leader, which is ready to scale. What was it about our program that interested Audry? Why did he decide to join? To find out, we sat down with the man himself!

3 Useful Tips for Financing your Startup

At the Start-up Masterclass, we’re always working to find you the most experienced, most insightful experts in the field to help you take your startup to the next level. No matter the specialty, we’re on top of it. This time, I sat down with David Dessers, lawyer extraordinaire, and specialist in financing and expanding your startup team. Take a look!

The 3 most common challenges you face when expanding your startup team, and how to tackle them

We all know that the success of a startup rests heavily on the team. You need to have good employees by your side from the start. But as a young company grows and the team gets bigger, a few particular challenges usually arise. I recently sat down with Katrien De Vos, co-founder of companies like Zembro and HR builders. Together, we talked about the three challenges you’re likely to experience when expanding your startup team, and how you can tackle them.

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