Everything you need to know for the Kickoff to the Start-up Masterclass

Magali De Reu - 12 Oct 2018

Not too long ago, we made our selections of several outstanding, passionate entrepreneurs for the Start-up Masterclass. The program was kicked off with a great networking and introduction event in Ghent. What did these enthusiastic startup founders hope to get out of the program? And what were they going to do with the knowledge and connections they would make here? To understand them better, we sat down with two of them at the kickoff event. Let’s see what they had to say!

Strategic knowledge

Ideas are the easy part. Execution is where “the rubber hits the road,” as they say. You need to have more than just an idea or a strategy; you need strategic knowledge to help your business develop. Start-up Masterclass participant Cedric Vercauteren, of Meet Roger, told us that “Originally, I just wanted to build an app to streamline corporate communications. But of course, to make this a company, you need to have a plan in place to deploy your services and generate revenue. After meeting with mentors and incubators, the masterclasses by Start-up Survival will give me the finishing touch my business needs.”

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Bjorn Robbens, of the startup Sarolea, agrees with Cedric, “Making the right choices helps you avoid costly mistakes. The experts here at the Start-up Masterclass have a lot of firsthand experience, and from a lot of different industries, so they can help us avoid the most common mistakes.”

All about people, all about networking


"At the kickoff event, I was able to meet and network with a lot of great founders, hear their stories and share insights and ideas."

Cedric and Bjorn both agree that running a startup is all about the people and the team. “I’m really excited about the masterclass module about building and growing your team,” says Bjorn, “The key to success is not just meeting the right people, but attracting the right talent.”

Bjorn goes on to explain what it was that attracted him to the Start-up Masterclass in the first place. “I hadn’t read the Start-up Survival book, but seeing Robin and Jeroen on TV, this really sparked something in me. Their vision and ideas are really transformative and inspirational for the startup community. They’ve built an ecosystem where people can come together, share knowledge and help each other grow.”

Robin Geers, the founder of the Start-up Masterclass, nods in agreement. “A lot of entrepreneurs read the book and got in touch with me to help them connect with the right experts and grow their networks. This is the goal I brought to creating the Start-up Masterclass.”

“It’s always great to meet like-minded entrepreneurs”, says Cedric. “At the kickoff event, I was able to meet and network with a lot of great founders, hear their stories and share insights and ideas. That really makes the difference.”

Next, the founders and entrepreneurs will all set off on a 12-week journey together, full of engaging online classes, great Q&A sessions, and professional exercises from our experts. At the end, they’ll come back together for graduation with their community. If you’re interested in tracking their progress, please come back and check the blog!

Written by Magali De Reu - Freelance Copywriter & Storyteller (Copymag)

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