Scale-up Masterclass Announcement

Robin Geers - 12 Feb 2019

After the first successful edition of the Start-up Masterclass, we noticed something. A lot of entrepreneurs and executives of fast-growing startups experience the same kind of difficult growing pains. That's why we decided to help them navigate their journey, by organising a Scale-up Masterclass! Because we believe in learning from those who have experience with the journey ahead, will save you valuable time and will let you focus on what matters the most: growing your business.

Grow your business by gaining new insights

Growing a startup isn't simple as raising some money from investors and hiring people. Even with the right team and the right investors, it can be a very challenging rollercoaster.

If your startup is growing rapidly, you want to avoid making crucial mistakes by surrounding yourself with people who already made those mistakes. Because, as an entrepreneur or executive you will always encounter challenges that other leaders have faced before you. They have spent their time on banging their head on the same wall you're banging your head against, at this very moment.

What if you could learn to overcome your specific challenges from those who have hands-on experience with the journey ahead?

What if you could meet like-minded people who are facing the same specific challenges as you are?

Let us tell you what would happen. The knowledge gained by those people would enable you to solve your growing pains much faster. And you will be able to focus on what matters the most: growing your business. That is exactly the goal of our Scale-up Masterclass.


"Stop wasting time on trial-and-error and learn from those who are experienced in the journey ahead"

Partnering up with Vlerick Business School

To create a powerful new online programme, designed for high growth companies, we joined forces with Vlerick Business School. Vlerick is a triple-accredited, international business school in the heart of Europe – ranked #1 - and 19th in Europe - for Executive Education.

Together with Vlerick we created a 14-week learning journey for Founders and Executives of ambitious companies. During this Masterclass they will learn from 15+ top-notch experts, sharing their expertise in snackable, online videos. Next to learning new content, participants will receive personal answers from the experts by gaining direct access to them, through live Q&As.

The Masterclass is built to fit the busy schedule of Entrepreneurs and Executives, since it requires 1 hour per week of their time. In this 1 hour they will either learn new content, follow live Q&As or be challenged by other participants through knowledge reinforcement with group discussions, quizzes, and self-reflection.

Are you ready to scale your business? View the programme of the Scale-up Masterclass here!

Written by Robin Geers - Founding Partner of the Scale-up Masterclass

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